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Cheers to Health: Vitamins in Green Smoothies

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Green smoothies are taking the market by storm. Why you ask. Well, currently the aspect of consuming a healthy diet is taking root in the society. You may find it difficult to consume number of fruits all within the same time. In this, it is more efficient to make smoothies than take every fruit at all times. The reason smoothies are gaining popularity is because they are considered to be healthy drinks that will provide you with nutrients you cannot even obtain from juices. The vitamins you obtain from green smoothies will depend on the veggies and fruits you choose to use. The following highlights why green smoothies are more beneficial.

Presence of pure nutrition

Green smoothie is good for health
A healthy diet is very important. The fruits and vegetables used to make your smoothie will provide you with the necessary vitamins. Even at this, majority of the fruits and vegetables will offer high concentration of vitamins such as vitamin A and C. Avocados offer a minerals such as potassium and magnesium. It is therefore important that you pick the mixture wisely to retrieve more vitamins.

They are healthier than vegetable/ fruit juices

Green smoothies offer a variety of vitamins in one serving. Juice extraction may destroy some vitamins and the fiber content in the fruits and veges. Unlike juices, the smoothies use the whole fruit to make it thus, it retains its nutritional value which is also beneficial to your health.

They ease the digestion process

Green smoothies do not need lots of digestion since they are in liquid form. Rather than take the whole fruit or vegetables, a smoothie will incorporate all the available fruits and vegetables into a glass. Its liquidation makes it easier digest as you will not have to break down any foods.

Offer a more affordable source of vitamin nutrition

The market is crowded with multivitamins and vitamin supplements. Getting a green smoothie will provide you with a number of vitamins all in one serving. It gets even cheaper and natural when you opt to make your smoothies at home. With this, you can also decide what you want without having any limitations.

Offer long-term source of energy

Fruits are known to be good sources of energy. However, you cannot obtain a sufficient amount of energy by consuming whole fruits. This is because they contain high levels of sugar that your body will quickly metabolize. Green smoothies will blend in fruits and vegetables which then balance out the sugar levels thus providing your body wit energy.

They are satisfactory yet low in calories

A smoothie will get you full just as you would have eaten food. The added advantage to drinking smoothies is that they contain low calories. Due to the fact that they contain an amount of liquid and they are also high in fiber, they are satisfactory.

Vitamins in green smoothies offer much more than juices. They are not only healthier but also easy to prepare. For those looking at weight management, the vitamins in green smoothies essential to help you lose weight while at the same time remaining healthy. A green smoothie health risk may occur f you only consume smoothie. In this, ensure that you balance your diet. Make green smoothies while looking at the vitamins available.

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